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a year ago Mar 08,2023, 15:07:12 PM

Two Point Campus: School Spirits | Brand New DLC!

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Happy Haunting!

It goes without saying, the Lifeless Estate is normally as silent as the grave! However, signs of undead life have interrupted the usual eerie silence. The new lodgers are restless spirits, big on wailing and generous with the ectoplasm. Haunted by unwelcome and undead spirits, the estate needs a new lease on the afterlife. The last heir to the estate, Lady Lifeless herself, has enlisted you to create a new boo-tique campus, fit for enrolling free spirits and budding investigators alike!


Welcome to the Lifeless Estate!

The lawn may be lacklustre, and the surfaces strangely gooey, but all of the problems come back to the ghosts.   

Lady Lifeless had hoped to spend her after-years catching up with her reading and floating tastefully around the garden. Instead, her rest is routinely ruined by rude spirits with even worse table manners. Tackle the paranormal pest problem, and learn what it means to be dead to help the estate rest peacefully. 


Paranormal Detection

For a number of years, the County was happy to dabble in the occasional debate surrounding the existence of ghosts. Unfortunately, it seems the evidence is now far too ghastly to ignore, and thanks to some added science, that debate is now long finished: ghosts are a real and genuine nuisance.

Paranormal Detection students will use all the advanced tools at their disposal (mostly their eyes and ears…)  to contact and uncover ghosts across Campus. Then they’ll practice all the best ghost-removal skills to bottle up the Estate’s unruly residents.

School Spirits 

Being dead isn't as easy as everyone makes it seem. It's hard to rest in peace with a life & death's worth of questions on your mind. "Where am I?", "Why did I say that one thing when I was 24?", "Did I leave the oven on?" etc. Fortunately, you can learn anything in Two Point County, even how to be dead.

Enrolling Free Spirits learn from a great prospectus, covering everything needed to be a modern-day spirit. Whether they’re studying to understand their current regrets and what it means to be dead, or they need a hand being brought up to speed on the old news they missed whilst living on the other side, Free Spirits graduate with ALL the paranormal tricks a good spirit should know.


Expulsion Ceremonies

Lifeless Estate has been harbouring evil spirits for some time, and unfortunately these unwanted tenants have a truly evil grudge against your best efforts at revitalising the place.

Luckily, you’ve a whole bunch of paranormal investigators in training at your disposal! Before new campus construction can take place, Paranormal Detection students will jump at the opportunity to take part in an Expulsion Ceremony! (just don’t tell them the risks…). Even better still, the evil spirits aren’t immortal, find their weaknesses to give your students a better chance at expulsion (of the ghosts! not them!).


The ghastly inhabitants of the Estate aren’t always the most subtle, some ghosts may reside in a specific room, possessing the place to share their anguish with your students. Depending on the flavour of ghost, your students will suffer from a range of effects, and (spoilers) none are good.

Not only will your students feel a chill in the air, but your visitors from the other side will also mess with the room (rude!). If you catch these signs early you can send over a trusty janitor trained in Ghost Capture to prevent the haunt from progressing! If given long enough, however, the ghosts will set off lights, send items dancing, and produce a weird, strange fog, how eerie.

New Challenge Mode - Gradeyard Shift

In this brand new Challenge Mode level Lady Lifeless has given up hope on her Estate, leaving her home in search of, well, literally anything else.

The place is an utter nightmare of unwanted ghostly guests, and it just so happens the Janitors' Union has been itching for a chance to mop up the paranormal pest problem. With their funding, train up a fleet of janitors to de-haunt and capture as many ghosts as possible.


  • New Campus location

  • 2 new courses, including two new fully animated classrooms

  • 2 new student archetypes 

  • New Challenge Mode level  

  • and lots of new items!

Two Point Campus: School Spirits is coming to PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on 15th March 2023 for £5.49/$5.99/€5.99.

PC and Xbox players, pre-purchase now for a 10% discount! For PlayStation and Switch players, an early adopters discount of 10% will go live for a week on release.

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a year ago
Mar 8, 2023, 6:20:29 PM

At this rate the spooky thing will be how all my money ghosted me. u-_-

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a year ago
Mar 11, 2023, 5:47:07 AM

Welp there goes my 100% achievements... I hate seeing the new ones but not being able to tackle them. Can't wait to play this, excited to see how the ghosts mechanics tie in to this game.

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a month ago
Jun 21, 2024, 2:54:21 PM
Theres a glitch in my game, I can not perform Expulsion ceremonies even though the tasks are complete. How do you fix this please?

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