Hello everyone and welcome!

Two Point County is a wonderful, welcoming and inclusive space, where Two Point fans from all over the globe can chat in a cosy, safe environment. In order to help us keep things running smoothly we've created these handy guidelines for everyone to follow. Anyone found to be in breach of these guidelines may be subject to a form of time out, suspension or caution. 

Most of this comes down to BE NICE TO EACH OTHER, but we'd recommend having a little read through just in case!

No Racism, Sexism or any other Discrimination
We hope this goes without saying, but any form of discrimination will be taken with utmost seriousness and will result in an immediate ban - no ifs, no buts.

No Inappropriate Content (NSFW)
Two Point County is used by people of many different ages and we want the content here to be appropriate for everyone. To that end, let's keep this family friendly at all times. Don't be posting pornographic, or vulgar content anywhere on this site.

No Personal Attacks
This is a place where anyone and everyone can come for a good ol' chat about all things Two Point. We won't tolerate personal attacks against any of our staff or the community here. If you feel someone is attacking you, do not retaliate, report it using the functions provided on the site and we will investigate. As tempting as it may be, retaliation only makes things worse and neither party is going to come off well from it.

No Threatening Behaviour
Threats against absolutely anyone in this server will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be subject to an immediate ban, no second chances.

No Illegal Activities
This doesn't need explaining right? If it's illegal... don't do it. Again, this will be a straight up ban.

No Spamming
Whether it's constantly pinging someone or posting a load of links, no one wants to see it. We'll remove it, you'll be cautioned.

Stay on Topic
Are you posting random videos in General Discussion? Stop that! Take a look at the channels we have before you post, and if you're unsure you can always ask "where is the best place to post X".

Constructive Behaviour
There might be times where your experience with the game isn't what you expected for some reason, maybe you ran into a bug or you've got an idea of what you think would make your experience better (and the latter is awesome!), but be constructive with your conversations - "this sucks" doesn't give us an idea of the problem, or how you think it could be remedied. So take your time to explain things thoroughly, and constructively.

Be Internet Savvy!
A Two Point Studios staff member will never ask for your passwords. If someone is claiming to be a Two Point employee and asks for your password or any other personal information, they're up to no good. If you're ever in doubt, contact a Moderator immediately.

Disciplinary Procedures
Any users in breach of these rules may find themselves subject to disciplinary action. If you would like to appeal a ban, please contact community@twopointstudios.com. Do be aware though, this does not mean your ban will be revoked, but we will take a look at the case.

The Community Team
The Two Point Studios Community Manager is TwoPoint_Steggs, please feel free to reach out to me any time, but do be aware of the following:

  1. There's only one of me, so I may not get back to you instantly (but I will asap).
  2. We're in the UK, so if you're in the US messaging at 6pm your time, we're probably asleep!
  3. Weekends are important, everyone needs a break. You can still tag me, but you may not receive a response until Monday. 

We're super proud to be able to have this awesome space for our community to hang out! So let's have some good times together and spread the Two Point love!