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a year ago Aug 03,2023, 14:00:19 PM

Two Point Campus: Medical School | Brand New DLC!

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Enrol in Medical School today! 

Choosing what to study can be a sickening task, but why choke down the wrong course when there are better pills to swallow?

Each day, dozens of Two Point citizens trust the County’s medical campuses for their healthcare. Citing fantastic reasons such as “medical emergency”, “impending death” and “low, low prices”.  You’ve been enlisted to help the sick people of Two Point County, who will be (literally) putting their lives in your uneducated hands. You may be worried, but your patients won’t be; as long as you’re wearing a white coat they’ll never suspect a thing! 

Join wandering paramedic Vitality Johnson to cure the sick, tackle pesky pirates, and embrace yeti wisdom. Your adventures in medicine start here! 

At Medical School they say laughter is the best medicine, but that isn’t true if you’re actually diseased or currently on fire.  So, take a turn for the worse and join us, today as you take on our latest DLC, Two Point Campus: Medical School.


Lake Tumble

To this day, many of the County's most remote locations have their healthcare provided by a single, wandering paramedic Vitality Johnson- the roaming remedy-has been on call for years, performing a never-ending check-up. Searching places like Luke Tumble for solitary sickos in need of support.

Open a medical campus to ensure tourists recover from the dangerously scenic conditions.

Though it's been on the hospital waiting list for years, Lake Tumble has been lost to the "maybe" pile, like some knick-knack in a surgery patient. So, Vitality thought "maybe" he'd try something different. He's asked for an apprentice to soak up his wisdom and assist on his trails but if anyone's getting tutelage, we're doing it wholesale. Open a Medical School, spread the remedial word and one day Mr Johnson can take a break ("maybe!")


Molten Rock  

Welcome to Molten Rock, where the main things you'll notice is the HUGE volcano, unbearable heat and the singed remains of a former hospital.

Settle into island life, keep one eye on the volcano, and try not to think about the state of the old hospital, okay? 

A particularly molten Monday took out the old place, and ever since, sick visitors have relied on sporadic visits from Vitality Johnson, alongside the suddenly booming pirate healthcase system.

Pointy Peak 

Life in the Pointy Mountains is extremely beautiful, but it's also beautifully extreme, with countless sheer drops and absolutely zero medical facilities.

Home to clouds, yetis and frigid temperatures. Build a medical campus and aid The Bigfoot Foundation’s mission to support the Pointy Mountains and all who call its icy faces home. 

Vitality Johnson holds the record for an emergency deployment to the peak, arriving in three and a half days, a full two weeks faster than the previous time. The Bigfoot Foundation were, admittedly, a little impressed. but they need better. Build a medical campus and aid in their mission to support the Pointy Mountains and all who call its icy faces home.


Medical School  

Doctors are learn-ed vessels of life-giving knowledge in snazzy white coats. Traditionally, a medical education involved years of gruelling bookwook before practicing medicine, but why not front-load the good-stuff and learn as you go. It’s not life or death, not every time. 



The unsung heroes of the medicinal world, nurses are found throughout the County's hospitals holding things together in spite of the ever-questionable odds. 


The County's wide variety of illnesses, and injuries, will require a range of different remedies and medical facilities including: 

  • Head Clinic - Refresh your face and lighten your load. 

  • Psychiatry - Tell me where, I mean how, it hurts. 

  • Surgery - Here's a shortcut. 

  • Injection Room - Moving the needles. 

  • Thumping Therapy - Makes a strong first impression.

  • Ward - Pathological lying down. 


Patient Emergencies - Your medical campus will be asked to deal with an influx of patient emergencies, just like any other County hospital. 

Fire-Resistance - Medical equipment can catch fire if its maintenance becomes too low. Keep machines maintained to prevent fires. 

Ghost Capture - Unfortunately for them, if a patient's treatment is unsuccessful, there's a chance they might... you know. Train, or hire, Janitors qualified in Ghost Capture to deal with the problem. 

Helipads - Patients use Helipads to arrive on campus. Place Helipads to help arrange the layout of your medical campus. 


  • 3 new campus locations 

  • 2 new courses with 6 treatment rooms 

  • 2 new student archetypes 

  • Lots of patients and illnesses 

  • Emergencies and helicopters and fires, oh my!

  • and lots of new items!

Two Point Campus: Medical School is coming to all platforms on 17th August 2023 for £8.99/$9.99/€9.99.

Xbox and PC players, pre-purchase now for a 10% discount! For PlayStation and Switch players, an early adopters discount of 10% will go live for a week on release. 

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a year ago
Aug 4, 2023, 8:08:17 AM

Looks fantastic! Does it have new achievements?

I thought when the game left game pass I was out, but it keeps pulling me back in!

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a year ago
Aug 4, 2023, 11:57:28 AM

Ordered ! Had a while away from the campus but this has inspired me to enroll again lol. Also added the space DLC to tide me over until the medical students roll in 

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